Couples Therapy

Our Psychotherapists in Watford  provide psychotherapy to any couple that are experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Difficulties in relationships can take many forms for example: Poor Communication, Arguments, Jealousy, Anger or Violence, Affairs, Difficulty Trusting, Problems Parenting, Power imbalances, Excessive Control, Coping with ill health, Redundancy, Separation, Divorce and much more.

The therapist(s) will meet with each of you on an individual basis for assessment. They will then meet with you as a couple. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and the frequency of sessions will be worked out between you and the therapist(s). During therapy the therapist(s) will facilitate the exploration of how the difficulties have arisen and what is maintaining them. Problems in relationships often have their roots in differences in perception, communication difficulties, difficulties experiencing, expressing and containing emotion and underling difficulties from either partner’s previous experiences.

The therapist(s) will work with you to gain insight in to the reasons for the presenting problems and also uncover conscious and unconscious factors which are maintaining them. Plans can then be made on what needs to change.  The therapist(s) may set work for you to do at home between session.