Group Analytic Psychotherapy

Group Analytic Psychotherapy groups are slow open groups for up to eight men and women plus the therapist. They are called slow open groups because once the group has an established membership of eight the only time a new member would join would be after someone has left.  This results in members having the opportunity to work together on their own problems, each others and those of the group as a whole. The group therefore provides the opportunity in the here and now of the group to work on issues that trouble people in real life.

This therapy focuses on enabling individuals to get a better understanding of themselves, how they relate to others and to learn new ways to experience, express and contain their emotions in order to achieve their optimal functioning. Consistency of attendance is important in order for the group to be a safe and trusted place for the work to be done. The therapy groups meet at the same time each week for one and a half hours with the exception of pre planned breaks. Group therapy is a cost effective therapy with fees starting from £40 per calendar month.

Who could Group Analytic Psychotherapy help:

Do you feel constantly anxious or suffer recurrent depressed; Feel unable to cope with relationships; Have difficulty managing work and social situations; Are threatened by unstable and turbulent emotions; Feel isolated and alone; Feel damaged by sub-optimal parenting or childhood abuse; Feel overwhelmed by past traumas and loss; Have difficulty coping with low self esteem and deep seated feelings of shame and unworthiness.
If you suffer with any of the above then group psychotherapy may be the treatment of choice for you.